Highlights from the 2015 Serpentine Marathon

Sun 15 Nov 2015, 11.00am–5.00pm

ACMI Studio 1


2015-11-15 11:00:00 2015-11-15 17:00:00 Australia/Melbourne Highlights from the 2015 Serpentine Marathon ACMI Studio 1 MPAVILION

Gilbert & George and Victoria at the Transformation Marathon 2015, Serpentine Galleries, 17 October 2015. Image copyright 2015 John Phillips/Getty Images for Serpentine Galleries.

We’re proud to present… a screening day at ACMI of our favourite talks, performances, readings and ruminations from the 2015 Serpentine Marathon! Each year, the Serpentine Galleries’ 24-hour festival of ideas marks the last hurrah for the Serpentine Pavilion, the three-month-long summer architecture commission that sits in London’s Kensington Gardens—and is the inspiration behind our own exhilarating MRelay talkfest (returning in late January to close out our 2015/16 season). Themed ‘Transformation’, this year’s Serpentine Marathon ran from Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 October and saw artists, scientists, filmmakers, sociologists, musicians and philosophers speak, perform, dance, read and think on-stage (and on-air, in the first broadcast of Serpentine Radio) about change and evolution—cultural and political, biological and historical.

Join us in ACMI’s Studio 1 between 11am and 5pm as we play highlights from the talkfest, which may include but will certainly not be limited to discussions, readings and performances by Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Serpentine Galleries’ co-director of exhibitions and programs; anthropologist Aimee Meredith Cox; and notorious art duo Gilbert & George alongside transgender nurse Victoria, upon whom they have conferred “living sculpture” status.

You’re welcome to dip in and out throughout the day, or settle in for the duration—and help us get ready for our own epic conversation marathon on 30 January.

Transformation Marathon was supported by ArDe; The Lars Windhorst Foundation; The Hayden Family Foundation; Naomi Milgrom Foundation; DLD; Goethe-Institut, London; and those donors who wish to remain anonymous. Technology and media partners: Google Cultural Institute; YouTube. Advisors: Aecom; Weil. Serpentine Galleries supported by: Arts Council England.

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