100 Story Building 100 Story Building Abdul Hammoud Abdul Hammoud Abe Nouk ACMI ACMI Addie Wootten Addie Wootten AIA Foundation Alchemy Alchemy Alexander Gow Alexander Gow Alice Glenn Alice Glenn Alice Oehr Alice Oehr Amanda Levete Amanda Levete Anastasia Klose Andrew Mackenzie Andrew Mackenzie Andrew McConnell Andrew McConnell Andrew McQualter Andrew McQualter Angela Conquet Angela Conquet Anida Yoeu Ali Anida Yoeu Ali Art Monthly Australia Art Monthly Australia Art, Social and Spatial Practice Art, Social and Spatial Practice Artist Film Workshop Artist Film Workshop Assemble Assemble Assemble Papers Assemble Papers Aurelia Guo Aurelia Guo Australia India Institute Australia India Institute Australian Art Orchestra Australian Art Orchestra Australian Chamber Orchestra Australian Chamber Orchestra Australian Youth Orchestra Australian Youth Orchestra Barrie Barton Barrie Barton Beaches Beaches Beci Orpin Beci Orpin Becky Hilton Becky Hilton Bedroom Suck Records Bedroom Suck Records Bell Towers Bell Towers Ben Evans Ben Evans Benjamin Hancock Benjamin Hancock Benjamin Lichtenstein Benjamin Lichtenstein Best Press Best Press Bijoy Jain Bijoy Jain Bindi Cole Chocka Bindi Cole Chocka Blake Barns Blake Barns bluebottle bluebottle Bob Earl Bob Earl Brendon McNiven Brendon McNiven Brennan Olver Brennan Olver Brian ‘Tairaku’ Ritchie Brian ‘Tairaku’ Ritchie Brighid Fitzgerald Brighid Fitzgerald British Council Briztronix Briztronix Caitlin Franzmann Caitlin Franzmann Callum Moncrieff Callum Moncrieff Callum Morton Callum Morton Cameron Bishop Cameron Bishop Cameron Bruhn Cameron Bruhn Carr Design Group Carr Design Group Cate Hall Cate Hall Catherine Bell Catherine Bell Cathy Oke Cathy Oke CAUL (Clean Air and Urban Landscapes) Hub CAUL (Clean Air and Urban Landscapes) Hub Cecilia Fox Cecilia Fox Channels Channels Chapter Music Chapter Music Charles Anderson Charles Anderson Charles Solomon Charles Solomon Charlotte Day Charlotte Day Chen Qiulin Chen Qiulin Chris McCue Chris McCue Chris Ran Lin Chris Ran Lin Cinnamon Templeton Cinnamon Templeton CLIMARTE CLIMARTE Conrad Standish Conrad Standish Corpus Medicorum Corpus Medicorum Craig Jeffrey Craig Jeffrey D.D Dumbo D.D Dumbo Dale Campisi Dale Campisi Dan Cox Dan Cox Dan Koop Dan McCabe Dan McCabe Dancehouse Dancehouse Daniel Richardson Daniel Richardson Darren Sylvester Darren Sylvester David Chesworth David Chesworth David Cross David Cross David Hall David Hall David Pledger David Pledger Deborah Cheetham Deborah Cheetham Dell Stewart Dell Stewart Dhungala Children’s Choir Dhungala Children’s Choir Dianne Vella-Brodrick Dianne Vella-Brodrick DJ Beat Master Sal DJ Beat Master Sal DJ Brain Children DJ Brain Children DJ Kellie DJ Kellie DJ Kings DJ Kings DJ Principal Blackman DJ Principal Blackman Dumbo Feather Dumbo Feather Dylan Martorell Dylan Martorell Ebony MonCrief Ebony MonCrief Ela Stiles Ela Stiles Emma Burrows Emma Burrows Emma Crimmings Emma Crimmings Empat Lima Empat Lima Esther Anatolitis Eugenia Lim Eugenia Lim Eurudike De Beul Eva Birch Eva Birch Face The Music Face The Music Farkhonda Akbar Farkhonda Akbar Fleur Watson Fleur Watson Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Four&Sons Four&Sons Frank Panucci Frank Panucci Gabriella Coslovich Gabriella Coslovich Gabrielle de Vietri Gabrielle de Vietri Gertrude Contemporary Gertrude Contemporary Geryon Geryon Ghassan Hage Gina Levenspiel Gini Lee Gloves Gloves Grace Vanilau Grace Vanilau Gregory Phillips Gregory Phillips Guy Abrahams Guy Abrahams Guy Blackman Guy Blackman Habits DJs Habits DJs Happy Melon Happy Melon Hazel Brown & Alice Glenn Hazel Brown & Alice Glenn Heather Lighton Heather Lighton Helen Kontouris Helen Kontouris Hellenic Museum Hellenic Museum Honey Fingers Honey Fingers Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel HTRK HTRK ICLEI Oceania Interval Interval Jack Mannix Jack Mannix James Andrews James Andrews James Henry James Henry James Oliver James Oliver James Tutton James Tutton Jane Jose Jane Jose Jay Penaflor Jay Penaflor Jeanette Hoorn Jeanette Hoorn Jefa Greenaway Jefa Greenaway Jeff Kennett Jeff Kennett Jeff Provan Jeff Provan Jeremy McLeod Jeremy McLeod Jessie Scott Jessie Scott Jessilla Rogers Jessilla Rogers Jill Orr Jill Orr Jo Mitchell Jo Mitchell Joanna Wallfisch Joanna Wallfisch Joanne O’Callaghan Joanne O’Callaghan Joeri Mol Johannes S Sistermanns Johannes S Sistermanns Jonathan Daly Jonathan Daly Jondi Keane Jondi Keane Jonnine Standish Jonnine Standish Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) Julia Jones Julia Jones Julie Bernhardt Julie Bernhardt Julie Collins Julie Kennedy Julie Kennedy Justine Clark Justine Clark Kaj Löfgren Kaj Löfgren Karen Burns Karen Burns Karli White Karli White Kate McMahon Kate McMahon Kate Mulvany Kate Mulvany Kate Rohde Kate Rohde Katie West Katie West Keg de Souza Keg de Souza Kenny Pittock Kenny Pittock Kinderling Kinderling Kloke Kloke Knitted Abyss Knitted Abyss Kt Spit Kt Spit Ladies of Leisure Ladies of Leisure Laila Engle Laila Engle Larissa Hjorth Larissa Hjorth Lauren Langlois Lauren Langlois Liang Luscombe Liang Luscombe Linda Kennedy Liquid Architecture Liquid Architecture Lisa Hilli Lisa Hilli Lisa Lerkenfeldt Lisa Lerkenfeldt Lisa Maza and Ari Long Lisa Maza and Ari Long Lisa Vincitorio Lisa Vincitorio Loose Leaf Loose Leaf Lorne Sculpture Biennale Lorne Sculpture Biennale Lou Hubbard Lou Hubbard Luke Jaaniste Luke Jaaniste Lyndal Jones Lyndal Jones Madeline Lucas Madeline Lucas Makeda Makeda Mami Kataoka Mami Kataoka MANY MANY MANY MANY Maree Grenfell Maree Grenfell Mark Shorter (as Renny Kodgers) Mark Shorter (as Renny Kodgers) Marsha Golemac Marsha Golemac Marshall McGuire Marshall McGuire Marshall Weber Marshall Weber Martin Roth Martin Roth Mary Portas Mary Portas Masha G Masha G Mathieu Briand Mathieu Briand Matthew Day Matthew Day Matthias Schack-Arnott Matthias Schack-Arnott Mauricio Carrasco Mauricio Carrasco Medina Sumovic Medina Sumovic Megan Evans Megan Evans Mel Bright Mel Bright Melbourne Festival Melbourne Festival Melbourne Movement Melbourne Music Week Melbourne School of Design Melbourne School of Design Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald Michael Markham Michael Markham Michael Williams Michael Williams Michaela Webb Michaela Webb Mick Douglas Mick Douglas Mick Stuart Mick Stuart Mikala Tai Mikala Tai Miriam Borcherdt Miriam Borcherdt Monash University Art, Design and Architecture Monash University Art, Design and Architecture Monash University Museum of Art Monash University Museum of Art Monica’s Gallery Monica’s Gallery Morning Ritual Morning Ritual Mouth Tooth Mouth Tooth Moya McFadzean Moya McFadzean Mr Kitly Mr Kitly Naomi Milgrom Naomi Milgrom Narcissique Narcissique Natalie Jeremijenko Natalie Jeremijenko Natalie King Natalie King Natasha Madden Natasha Madden Nectar Efkarpidis Nectar Efkarpidis Neometro Neometro Next Wave Next Wave Nicholas Tsoutas Nick Rennie Nick Rennie Nick Wood Nick Wood Nikos Papastergiadis Nikos Papastergiadis NO ZU NO ZU Noise In My Head Noise In My Head Nur Shkembi Nur Shkembi Odelab Odelab Oluwaseyi Sosanya Oluwaseyi Sosanya Open Journal Open Journal Oscar Schwartz Oscar Schwartz Oslo Davis Oslo Davis Padmini Sebastian Paint What You Hear Paint What You Hear Parlour Parlour Paul Bangay Paul Bangay Paul Fox Paul Stoller Paul Stoller Performing Mobilities Performing Mobilities Peter Brew Peter Selinger Philipa Rothfield Philipa Rothfield Phillip Adams Phillip Adams PractiseStudioPractise PractiseStudioPractise Primo Primo Prue Lang Prue Lang R U F F L E S R U F F L E S Rachel Elliot-Jones Rachel Elliot-Jones Rae Ganim Rae Ganim Ramona Koval Ramona Koval Rebecca Coates Rebecca Coates Reko Rennie Reko Rennie Renate Howe Renate Howe Research Unit in Public Cultures Rhana Devenport Rhana Devenport Rheannan Port Rheannan Port Richard Blythe Richard Blythe Richard Roberts Richard Roberts Richard Tognetti Richard Tognetti Rites Wild Rites Wild RMIT Design Hub RMIT Design Hub RMIT University RMIT University Rob Adams Rob Adams Robert Wood Robert Wood Robin Boyd Foundation Robyn Archer Robyn Archer Rosa Coy Rosa Coy Rose Hiscock Rose Hiscock Rowan Oliver Rowan Oliver Rueben Berg Rueben Berg Rufus Black Rufus Black Sarah K Sarah K Sarah Tutton Sarah Tutton Satu Vänskä Satu Vänskä Scarlet Yu Scarlet Yu Scienceworks Scienceworks Sean Dockray Sean Dockray Sean M Whelan Sean M Whelan Serpentine Galleries Serpentine Galleries Shane McGrath Shane McGrath ShapeShift ShapeShift Shelley Penn Shelley Penn Siberia Records Siberia Records Sibling Sibling Signal Curators Signal Curators Simon Knott Simon Knott Simona Castricum Simona Castricum Simone LeAmon Simone LeAmon Slow Art Collective Slow Art Collective Smiling Mind Smiling Mind Speak Percussion Speak Percussion Spiros Panigirakis Spiros Panigirakis Stephanie Rosenthal Stephanie Rosenthal Steve Calhoun Steve Calhoun Stuart Tanner Stuart Tanner Student Organised Network for Architecture Student Organised Network for Architecture Superstar Superstar Susan Cohn Susan Cohn Sweet Whirl Sweet Whirl Tai Snaith Tai Snaith Tamara Kohler Tamara Kohler Tania Cañas Tania Cañas Techa Noble The Broad Place The Broad Place The Goon Sax The Goon Sax The School of Life The School of Life The Squeaky Wheel The Squeaky Wheel The Staple Store The Staple Store The Stevens The Stevens The Wheeler Centre The Wheeler Centre This Public Life This Public Life Three Thousand Three Thousand Three Thousand Thieves Timmah Ball Timmah Ball tin&ed tin&ed Toby Whitfield Toby Whitfield Tom and Captain Tom and Captain Tom Bloxham Tom Bloxham Tom Skeehan Tom Skeehan Tom Uglow Tom Uglow Tony Isaacson Tony Isaacson Tract Consultants Tract Consultants Twerps DJs Twerps DJs Two Steps on the Water Two Steps on the Water U-P U-P Unconscious Collective Unconscious Collective Victoria McKenzie-McHarg Vincenzi Vandella Vincenzi Vandella Vladislav Kanevsky Vladislav Kanevsky Walter Kadiki Walter Kadiki Wendy Lasica Wendy Lasica West Space West Space William L Fox William L Fox Xavier Le Roy Xavier Le Roy Zanny Begg